It’s been 6 months since the last update on my journey through growing my hair. I’ve been growing my hair for 16 months and the awkward stage is now nothing more than a distant memory. Before I began, my hair was very short, so I had a lot of growing to do! […]

Growing Out My Hair, Part 2: Smashing The Awkward Stage!

Beer and bread. They’ve both been with us on the planet for thousands of years and they are both made out of pretty much the same ingredients. It got me thinking: is it possible to make beer out of bread? Bread beer, if you will. Doing a bit of internet […]

How To Make Beer From Bread

Most ‘top 10 things to do before you die’ lists and bucket lists are all about going places and seeing things. Mainly being a spectator in life, travelling, looking at stuff and spending loads of your hard-earned cash getting there or buying stuff. Here at Noodleburger international headquarters (AKA my 14-year-old couch) […]

The Real Top 10 Things To Do Before You Die. ...

Rare footage of the first ever smartphone has finally come to light. Judging by the clothes worn in the recording, this is probably way before even the 1980s. You can hear the fellas in the footage talking about scores they have got on the game they’ve been playing. They’re all […]

World’s 1st Smartphone: You Won’t Believe Its Age! Old Recording ...

What can I do with my old business cards? That’s what I asked myself when one of the companies that I work for moved offices. Yup, you heard that right, I’ve actually got a job. Hard to imagine, I know. Well, building a Menger sponge is some sick trick that […]

Menger Sponge Business Card Shenanigans

A couple of years ago I was a groomsman at a friend’s wedding. Living in the UK, I had no idea what a groomsman was, but my buddy was marrying an American girl, so she wanted the traditional English wedding to have some American undertones. It turns out a groomsman […]

How I Wrote A Wedding Speech, And How You Can ...

My Nan died a few weeks ago, just a handful of days after her 89th birthday. My mum asked if I’d say a few words at the gathering, and rather than reciting a poem or a passage, I wanted to write something for her. A eulogy that would be meaningful […]

Writing My Nan’s Funeral Eulogy Speech

Like a lot of guys, my hair has fluctuated between quite short and proper short for pretty much the last 25 years. OK, around ten years ago I had a minor dalliance with growing it out, but that didn’t last long. My man hair got way too messy when it started creeping over […]

Growing Out My Hair: Adventures In Man Land

A leather pint pot? You must be mad! How can you drink beer out of a tankard that’s not made of glass or pewter? Surely you’d spill it all. source: Dr House Cleaning Enter The Leather Tankard Well, it’s my dad’s birthday later this month and I was banging my […]

Beer In A Leather Tankard? Yes, Seriously!